Our Most Important Book Yet

Over in Dog Eared Reads land we’ve been quite quiet for a couple of weeks, and for that please accept profound apologies, health gubbins is still making its presence felt and means reviewing has to be pushed to one side (the reading never stops mind you!) However I received some book post today that I felt had to be addressed on here immediately, a book that is raising money for a mental health condition that is actually the problem plaguing me at the moment – albeit arrived at for very different reasons, and a thoroughly kind hearted and moving project that I’d love if we could send some more readers their way.

On the 14th June 2017 the country looked on in horror as Grenfell Tower went up in flames and so many lives were lost. Following on from the disaster the government have failed the survivors spectacularly, with the majority of those who lost their home that night still not rehoused. As has so regularly became the case over the last few years with food banks, housing for refugees and more, the public have stepped in to make up for the failure of the state.

After the tragedy Steve Thompson, R. Martin, Paul Jenkins and Kathy Burke decided to take action. Using Unbound they began a crowd funding campaign to publish a book of short stories, 24 stories in total to represent the 24 floors of the building. They made the decision to have 12 of the works within to be by well known, published authors and the other 12 stories from yet unpublished writers who submitted their work and made the final shortlist. The main goal of this project however is to raise money. Realising that the survivors of this event would be left struggling with PTSD that can be utterly debilitating, the profits from this book will all go to helping out with the psychological damage that echoes long after the night itself.

’24 Stories’ came together and was printed on the one year anniversary of the disaster. The stories within are varied, moving, uplifting and upsetting. The team behind the project ensured you are getting a great read for your contribution, with exciting new names to look out for in the future and authors we know well already such as Irvine Welsh, A.L. Kennedy, Nina Stibbe and John Niven to name but a few.

An acknowledgement to those who helped this happen

Followers of this site will know how passionate I am about the books I read and love, with little else thrilling me more than when a reader gets in touch to say they’ve bought a book due to a recommendation on here, but I do very much realise not every piece of literature I feature will be the one that floats your boat, so some will be skipped over. With this special edition I implore you all, grab a copy and give it a go, you’ll be doing a great thing, karma will thank you and you get hours of reading to boot. I know some may cry out “I don’t read short stories”, but I reckon if ever there was a time to give them another go, well, this is it.

I wanted to reassure you guys, I put my money where my mouth is & don’t expect you to shell out where I don’t. I backed this project when it was an idea & no stories yet existed, I believe in the power of the written word so strongly. Also please don’t think I went mad and circled my name in red pen in my copy – I did this with iPhone editing wizardry!

You will be able to request this book from your friendly local bookshop but also please find the direct link below if you want to order online, I’ll pop the bookshop I work in on here but also a second option so I’m not accused of bias! The book is published on June 14th so you can order it now and have it arrive in a week or two as a nice book surprise!

Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, my stomping ground! Click here and scroll down to ‘book experts at your service’ and fill in your details there!

And to get it from another indie spreading book love, click here for a link to Foyles.


Let me know if you get the book and also what you have been reading lately in the comments below. Are you off on holiday and wanting to compile a holiday reading list? We’re more than happy to help so just give a shout!

As usual if you’d like to subscribe to the blog just send an email with ‘Subscribe’ in the subject line to dogearedreads1@gmail.com and you’ll receive a notification when a new review appears.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

Our Most Important Book Yet

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