Happy Birthday to ya, Haaaappy Biiiiirthday! 

It’s a big day over here on Dog Eared Reads, would you believe it, we are ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!! Woop! I feel like maybe there should have been a party but as usual in Dog Eared HQ writing and reading is on the agenda for the day, but don’t you worry – there is a galaxy ripple with my name on it for later! 

I’ve really enjoyed this first year, I’ve read some amazing books but through this site it has led me to talking to and meeting some great people who I never would have spoken to before. There is also nothing more wonderful than a reader getting back to you and saying they went and got a recommendation and loved it, or an author saying your review made them smile. 

This website happened pretty quickly, I was blogging a little bit on my other site mainly about general day to day stuff but I found that even with recommending books all day in work I somehow still had more to say (I don’t know if my work colleagues would be shocked by this or not, they are all rather alarmed most days by how much I have to say, the prospect of more gabbing on from me may be very obvious or warrant ‘how can she still be talking?!’). This place lets me talk about books old and new, I’m completely free to say just what I feel about what I am reading and also just to chat in general about what’s happening in my book world. I read some great book blogs and wondered if I could do it, or even if there was any point when there are such brilliant bloggers out there who have a lot more time than me to provide the TLC their site deserves, but a friend encouraged me and said to just try, if it didn’t work it didn’t work, what would I lose? 

This website could not have started without my wonderful nanna and granda, I don’t want to talk about it too much on here but I would like you all to take a moment to raise your mug, glass or, even better, a quality street (for those in the know) to them. Another shout out must go to the Legends that are Family Culling, always reading and supporting me! 

Month by month we have had more and more readers join the fold and I really hope you think of this place as a trustworthy spot to read about books or ask for recommendations. I’d also welcome you guys to put forward any suggestions for what you would like to see on the site, if you’d like themed posts, maybe you’d like to hear about some of the best books in a certain genre, for a certain age range or good holiday reads. Whatever you’d like to see here feed it back to me and I will always try to accommodate. 

In the future, the next few months in particular, I plan for the site to get better, in appearance and functionality. I also want to be producing more content for you guys, with regular posts. I considered having set post dates, so there would always be something new popping up on say Sunday and Wednesday nights, if you think this would be a good way to go, let me know! (As you can see, you are heavily involved in Dog Eared Reads too!)

I hope you’ll keep on visiting our corner of the Internet and I wish nothing but excellent books in your future! 

Here’s to the next year and as ever, HAPPY READING! 

Happy Birthday to ya, Haaaappy Biiiiirthday! 

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